Grow Groups

Covenant believes that being part of a church involves more than attending weekly worship.

The church consists of a body of believers that live life together by caring for one another, sharing our burdens, and seeking to grow into the likeness of Christ through the power of God’s word. To carry out these responsibilities we must move out of isolation and into relationships. This means, like the early church, we need to spend more than a couple of hours on Sundays together. We foster these kinds of relationships through participating in smaller groups that meet regularly to share life together.

We believe that everyone grows in a group.

Types of groups in which you can grow:

Study Groups –  Study groups are short-term groups committed to a 4-8 week study on a specific topic. These groups tend to be “knowledge-driven” and more Biblically based. They feature open enrollment and may be multi-generational, single gender or a mixed group, singles or couples. Study Groups provide an opportunity to study something specific for a shorter commitment of time while meeting new people.

Community Groups – these small groups of approximately 6-20 members tend to be more “topical” and often meet in homes. Enrollment is open and participants may come in and out of the group as life’s “seasons” change. (For example, you child plays a spring sport so you can participate in Fall but not Spring.) They may be based on “life-stage” or they may be intergenerational. At the end of the semester, members have the opportunity to switch to other community groups or study groups, depending on what they may need for that season in their lives.

Life Groups – these small groups are an evolution of the Community Group. A Life Group consists of approximately 6-12 individuals who have developed a deep bond with one-another and choose to meet together indefinitely. (The group can decide on their own when to take breaks or when change is needed.) They are truly “sharing life” with each other, bearing each others’ burdens and holding each other accountable in ways that bring them closer to a “Christ-like” life. Because of the level of sharing and vulnerability that may take place in these groups, they tend to be closed/or invitation-only to help facilitate trust within the group.

Anyone may participate in any type group, and it is possible to be in multiple types of groups at once. If you are interested in being part of a group at Covenant, click below to complete a short questionnaire to help us find the best fit for you.

Take the next step towards growing in your faith and developing deeper relationships. Share life together.

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